strength, balance and falls prevention

As we age, maintaining the strength to balance one foot after another can be a challenge for many.  However, regular exercise can mean enjoying healthy ageing and maintaining quality of life and independence in your own home.

Currently, one in three people aged 65 years and over living in their own homes will fall, and falls are the leading cause of death and injury-related hospital admissions in this age group[1].  Half of people aged 80 years and over will fall at least once a year[2].  On-going progressive exercise intervention and balance training plays an important role in maintaining mobility and everyday functional activities.

Balance Exercise Physiology offers leading strength, balance and falls prevention programs in both home-based and group environments aiming to:

  • improve and maintain strength and balance
  • increase and maintain mobility
  • increase confidence
  • assist in maintaining independent living
  • provide socialisation (group setting)
  • reduce effects of osteoporosis

Following an initial assessment, a safe, individual exercise program can be prescribed to be performed in the comfort of your own home.  The programs focuses on exercises to improve functional strength and balance for everyday living.

Balance Exercise Physiology is also an accredited provider of the Government funded Stepping On program – a free, group-based exercise program aimed at preventing falls in the home.

Client’s who are referred by their GP under the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) can access a Medicare Rebate for Exercise Physiology Services.

Veterans and those with Private Health Insurance may also be eligible for rebates (click here for a list of Health Funds offering rebates for Exercise Physiology services)