Exercise, Education and Empowerment for Children

Through a fun and inspiring approach, Balance Exercise Physiology offers specialist skills in providing assessments, exercise prescription and behaviour modification programs to improve health outcomes for kids.  We work with children and parents to provide personalised solutions and promote health lifestyles.

In addition to his expertise as an Exercise Physiologist, Director, James Cummins also has worked as a school teacher and coach in Australia and overseas, providing him with a unique understanding of how exercise can assist children manage a variety of health conditions and develop key personal attributes.

A child experiencing difficulties in any of the following areas could benefit from the services of Balance Exercise Physiology:

  • Childhood Obesity and weight management
  • Gross Motor and perceptual skills: walking, running, jumping, hopping, catching, kicking and balancing
  • Low muscle tone and strength: poor postural control, hyper-mobility, balance impairment
  • Co-ordination: spatial and body awareness, movement confidence
  • Cognitive skills: attention, focus, concentration, remembering, planning, sequencing, problem solving and organisational skills
  • Performing physical activity requirements for school, home or recreation pursuits
  • Experiencing anxiety, depression or levels of low confidence
Why would you choose an Exercise Physiology for your child?
  • achieve and maintain healthy weight
  • promote healthy growth and development
  • develop muscle and bone strength
  • improve balance and co-ordination
  • increase motor skill development
  • improve and maintain flexibility
  • increase cardiovascular health and functional capacity
  • improve posture
  • increase relaxation, focus and concentration skills
  • enhance motivation, confidence and social skills
  • Individual assessment, exercise and behaviour modification programs
  • One-to-One exercise therapy sessions
  • Group programs (fitness circuits, sports specific conditioning and Rock and Water program)
  • School holiday  programs
  • School and organisation in-servicing
Anyone can make a referral, including parents, teachers, doctors and allied health professionals.  Balance Exercise Physiology is a registered provider with Medicare Australia and a number of health funds and rebates may be available (click here for a list of Health Funds offering rebates for Exercise Physiology services).